Biodiversity net gain doesn’t need to be complicated

Nature is becoming part of your development process. NatureSearch uses national biodiversity data to instantly reveal the BNG constraints — and opportunities — on any site in England.

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The only BNG compliance tool on the market

De-risk development planning

Moving ahead with development on a biodiversity-rich site can be a costly mistake.

Reduce reliance on consultants with an instant report on the potential BNG implications of any site in England.

Save time and money

Traditional biodiversity analysis requires a professional ecologist to conduct a manual review, site visit, and walkover survey.

NatureSearch gets you the biodiversity data you need to make informed choices — before you bring in a professional ecologist.

Unlock nature-backed revenue streams

Biodiversity credits are valuable and can be resold to other developers.

NatureSearch makes it easy to identify those assets, so you can profit from them.

Land development in England is changing

Under new biodiversity net gain (BNG) regulations, land developers must leave England’s ecosystem better than they found it. As of February 2024, all new developments must increase biodiversity by a minimum of 10%, and ensure it stays that way for at least 30 years. But trying to understand the biodiversity implications of your site is no small task — especially without a professional background in ecology.

NatureSearch was built for

Developers, looking to understand which sites they should avoid or pursue

Owners, looking to understand BNG opportunities on their land

Platforms and marketplaces, looking to embed BNG information into their product or service

Sustainability Managers, looking for a fast source of BNG data to share with their teams

Land Teams

Sustainability managers

Platforms and Marketplaces


Accessible and Automated Data Analysis

NatureSearch simplifies the process of biodiversity assessment by providing instant access to national biodiversity data, removing technical barriers and automating the analysis process.

Supplements Ecologist Expertise

NatureSearch streamlines the initial stages of biodiversity assessment, complementing the work of ecologists by handling preliminary data analysis.

Comprehensive BNG Assessments

NatureSearch offers detailed BNG constraints and opportunities assessments. With designated site identification and habitat overview reports, users are equipped with thorough insights for data informed decision-making.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Having been developed by Biodiversify, a leading biodiversity consultancy, and trusted by top developers, NatureSearch stands as a reputable and reliable tool in the industry.

Efficiency and User-Friendly Interface

With the capability to deliver assessments in as little as two minutes and its intuitive design, the tool is designed for quick setup and ease of use, appealing to a broad range of users.

Cost-Effective with Flexible Pricing

NatureSearch offers an economical solution for Biodiversity Assessments, with affordable rates starting from as low as £10 per site or assessment.

How it works

NatureSearch makes it fast, easy, and effortless to understand the BNG implications of any development site in England.

Just enter or select your site’s location on a visual map of England. NatureSearch analyses information from dozens of regularly updated national data layers, and generates a report containing:

Maps of, and details about, all habitats present on the site.

An estimation of the biodiversity units gained or lost through development

The presence of any designated nature sites or irreplaceable habitats

Actions that may be required if the habitats are removed